Volunteers 2022

It was great to return to Kenya in 2022. This followed the recent Covid 19 pandemic!

A group of 22 managed to make the trip and we were welcomed back to Kenya for our 14 day visit. We think everyone enjoyed their visit to Kenya as the pictures below would indicate!!

There were several projects we had to complete on this trip, which included painting the kindergarten playground and sowing fresh plants and flowers – Supervised of course by Mary O! We had some very artistic volunteers with us in 2022.

Mary O hard at work!!

Revamping the outside toilets!!

We are also starting up a new cafe beside the centre to provide a couple of the girls with employment and also to raise additional funding for the centre.

The new CARA Cafe – a modified container

Funding was also provided by the volunteers to build two small houses in the local community. These houses were donated to needy families who lived near the centre. Donations were also provided to purchase beds and chairs for these houses.

Official ribbon cutting ceremony for one of the houses.
Furniture on the move!!!
New chairs and table

More beds and mattresses

The volunteers also worked hard on levelling a piece of ground for a football pitch – a ladies football match was played at the official opening.

The trip was not just about projects though! Volunteers made several house visits in the local community handing out solar lights and provisions, buying school shoes for the girls, spending quality time with the girls in the centre with fashion shows, bingo, talent shows etc.

We also scoped out a new biogas system for the centre. The centre uses a lot of wood, charcoal and butane gas for cooking – we need to try and reduce this way of cooking. This system will provide gas in a Bio-Digester in an environmently friendly way. The top section of the system stores the gas in an inflatable pouch (just under the green mesh). Liquid fertilizer is also produced at the end of the process as shown below – this fertilizer is then used to produce vegetables and other plants in an organic way.

Our next task will be to raise the required funding for this installation. The pictures below show what can be achieved using these Bio Gas systems using waste food, hen and cow dung, maize stems etc.