A new little girl….

Just over a week ago we got a call from Edwina to say she had been referred another little girl to our Cara Girls Rescue Centre.  This is always good news because that is what we are there for and if we can afford to keep the kids we are always happy to hear of a new arrival and to get the photos of them.  This little girl however is different.  Edwina explained that the little girl was in very poor condition.  She is called Martha and is three years old, however she is not much bigger than a one year old.  This little girl had been found tied to a table.  She came to the centre with a broken arm and a nappy that was so bad that her skin started to come off as they tried to take it off her … and the poor little girls hair is grey. Edwina sent us photos, some of which I have put up here, the others are too upsetting.  However we have to look at the positive side and know that at least she is in the right place.  Now we can care for her as she deserves.  She will get better and have the love and care that every little girl deserves.  The condition of little Martha has upset me more than any other that I have come across and I will keep an update of her and how she is doing as time goes on.  Our group is travelling  to Kenya on 8th February and it will be so good to see all the kids again.  There are now nineteen girls in our centre and that is thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way.  We have been so lucky with the very kind and generous people who have donated to us and trusted us to do the best we can for the children we can help.  As always I thank you and want you to know that without you we could do nothing for these kids.