Cara Projects 2012 Project Off to a Great Start

Arrrived safely late on Saturday Night.  We have 23 volunteers with us so 23 people

and 46 suitcases met by Edwina, loaded onto bus and off the Shalome House. 

Sunday our first day was an easy one as work starts in earnest on Monday! Went to

the children we know in Mama Tunzas Home.  It was so great to see them all again

and see how they have gotten so big in a year.  We had a short visit to a local family,

Huairis family, who are locals that we have become friendly with over the years and

who make us so welcome and are so happy to see us.  Humble decent hardworking

people who just accept and welcome us into their homes and who never look for

anything in return.   We visited the 10 girls who we support in Boarding School who

were delighted to see us and finished off going to home that is to become our new

girls refuge centre to plan what work is to be done there.  Back to Shalome tired but

happpy to watch Irish Match… not such a good ending!!

DAY:  Arrived in Kibiko National School to start the painting of 23 classrooms.

What a reception we got.  We were greeted by the Headmistress Josephine, who had

arranged an assembley to welcome us to the school.  There was a Minister, Jonathon,

from the Education Department, the Chairman of the school board and over 50

parents there. We were so warmly welcomed into the community and know that they really appreciate what we are doing for them.  They know that this is for the good of their childrens future. Many of the parents had to walk many miles to attend the meeting .  The painting started and we got so much done. Five classrooms with two coats of paint ready for the final coat tomorrow and five more with the first coat finished.  The children were all squashed into other classrooms to clear some for us to start and were loving all the disturbance my the mzungus.  Loads of photos of kids, classrooms before and after and volunteers hard at work.  Bring on DAY 2….