Days 2 and 3

All going really well and work all going according to plan.  Painting of Kibiko Primary School should be finished in next day and a half or so and wiring of the school hall which also combines as a community hall should be finished tomorrow. The difference that

painted walls together a clear panel in the corraguted roof makes is unbelievable.  The girls refuge centre has now been painted with two coats of undercoat and the improvement already looks great.  Should look really well when it is finished.  We presented the school with two sets of football gear and two footballs today and there was great excitement., the school has never had any football gear and could not compete in interschoools competitions.  An Ireland V Kenya match took place at 3pm.  It was brilliant. Our volunteers played the school kids watched by over 1000 kids!  I am told Kenya won!!  Lots more painting, electricaal work, plumbing, gardening etc to be done but it should all be great and we are all looking forward to seenin the great improvements.  Of course the kids are the reason we are here and what make it all so great.