Sponsorship Programme

Cara Projects is a registered charity, set up approx 3 years ago by Paddy O’Connor.  To date Cara Projects has built two orphanages and these are now home to approx 200 orphans from the streets of Kiberia Slums, Kenya.  The first orphanage is The Tunza’s Children Centre built by Irish volunteers in 2009 and the second Children’s Home which was just completed last June.

The children from the Tunza Centre have now been living in their new home for over a year and have happily settled in, where they have shelter and food every day.

The next step for these children is education.  To go to school in Kenya, school fees have to be paid and the orphanage has no means of income and depends solely on donations.   It costs approx €250 a year to educate a child.  Cara Projects feels strongly that in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty and unemployment,  education for “our kids” is of vital importance.  Therefore, we have now set up a child sponsorship programme.  This involves pledging a set amount of money per  month to be deducted from your bank account and paid directly into an account that has been set up and which will be used solely to educate these children.  Every cent will go towards this programme. There are no administration fees.

Our aim is as follows: – Each sponsor will pay €5.25 a week (standing order for €21 a month will be set up).  We have a list of the children; we have met them all, and will match a child with every sponsor we get.  We will send you a photo and brief history of “your child” – brief because many of the children were found on the streets of Kiberia at a very young age and their history is unknown.  If you would like to correspond with the child we will make sure that your letters will be delivered to them – they would really love that – someone to call their own.

Many of the children know their age but have no actual birth date – perhaps you could pick a date for them and send a card if you wished.  The opportunities are endless and the good you could feel from helping these kids cannot be described in words.  Should you wish to sponsor a child without having any contact with them that is ok too.  Every cent helps.

This brings us to the issue of money – we are in a recession – Trust us, our recession is their Celtic Tiger at its best –

€5.25 per week = less than one packet of cigarettes a week
= less than two pints a week

If you feel you would like to take part in this programme, please contact us by phone on 045 441 876 / 086 8210569 or via email at sponsorship@caraprojects.com