Project 2008

Cara Projects, June 2008

In June 2008, we flew out to Kikambala with nine volunteers, some tools and a bundle of enthusiasm to build an extension block onto the school there, thus allowing the teacher /pupil ratio to be improved.

Over the course of ten days we worked alongside local tradesmen to build an administration block for the school. There was a great mix of talents and it was an education for all. Volunteers without building experience became apprentices to the professionals in the group. Even the most experienced tradesmen learned new skills as Irish and African builders swapped trade secrets and methods, adapting to the climate and resources at hand.

Despite the heat, everyone worked really well together and the building went up even faster than anticipated. This meant that we also had time to repair the floors in existing classrooms and brighten the walls with whitewash.

The final result was an administration block with staff room and headmaster’s office. This meant that two classrooms would be freed up for use. In return for completion of the block, the Kenyan Department of Education have agreed to construct a further classroom onto the school.

Touching Africa:

At Cara Projects we believe that it is not just building that counts but also interaction with the local community. And so, while we were out there, we spent time talking with teachers and pupils, we visited the local village and organised a football match against the local team. At the first international match played at Kikambala, Ireland won a hard-earned victory of one-nil.


“you’d be banging away and next minute you would hear the children singing…and that’s your reward, you don’t need a slap on the back”