Project 2012

This year for our  2012 project we have, to date, 22 volunteers.

As part of the project we plan to do some work on the local national school, Kibiko Primary.  60 of the children sponsored by Cara Projects sponsors attend this school.  The school is run by a wonderful teacher Josephine but conditions in the school are bad.  They have over 1000 pupils in a school  that has no electricity.  The classrooms are very basic with holes in the roof and mud floors.  Last year our group of volunteers visited the school and really loved it.  The children put on a display of masai dance for us.  Our volunteers were so impressed with the school that each of them paid for a new school desk out of their own money.  The desks cost €22 each.  We plan to get electricity into the school, this will involve wiring the entire school. We also hope to do other maintenance work, possibly put in floors in the classrooms and paint.  We would also like to provide the school with a computer and printer and help out with stocks of chalk, pencils, pens, copies etc.  The school also badly needs new desks as many of them are broken and falling apart.

If anyone has any laptops they dont want any more we would love to have them to bring over. All laptops will be securely erased prior to shipping. Please contact us for further details