Short update on Martha

I promised to keep updates on our little walking talking living doll Martha.  In the previous post I told you of the condition she was in when she arrived in Cara Girls Rescue – not good to say the least.  When our group of volunteers arrived three weeks later she had improved, her arm was healing and she was being fed regularly and getting lots of love and attention from Edwina and her staff and all the kids in the Centre.  Edwinas youngest boy Bewott was the first to make her smile playing peep with her.  Special formula was very expensive – €50 for a tin the size of a regular tin of baby formula – we had gotten a donation before we left and were able to buy a small amount for her.

The improvement in Martha in our two weeks there were amazing.  It is difficult to believe that she could improve so much in such a short period of time.  She was everyones darling and boy did she know it! To see her walking was crazy.. she is so small that it looks  strange to see her walking.  She just came up to above my knee when she was standing. On our holiday she really loved the beach and played in a little pool dug in the sand and filled from the sea.  To hear her laugh was amazing too, she has a little cackle laugh that just makes you laugh too.  Her hair was still grey when we were leaving but has since turned back to brown.  I think we left Edwina with a very spoilt little girl on her hands but it was impossible not to lift her and love her to bits.  Thanks to all our volunteers for the love they had for all our kids and to Edwina, Timothy and all the staff there who care for Martha and all our kids so well.

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